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Secure Your Home with the Ultimate Flood Gate- It’s Dam Easy

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Empangan Mudah ® Extegangan Kutub


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Don't wait until the next flood warning to protect your home or business

Quickest to Deploy

Can be easily installed in under 5 minutes without any complex tools or labor required.

We are the Fastest in The Market

The Most Reliable

This barrier provides the first line of defense to prevent water from entering doors and windows in your home.

Certified EU Testing Standard

Unlimited Scalability

Cover larger areas with our extension poles which allow to connect multiple barriers.

Our longest deployment is 30 units

Dam Easy Mini Barrier Size:
20"-26.5" in Width
(50.8cm- 67.31 cm)
(508mm - 673mm)

Secure Your Property In 3 Easy Steps

(And in under 5 minutes!)

Position in Door Reveal
Extend Side Panels
Inflate Seal

Finally, a solution anyone can install and does not require any tools!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
They work great

If you have a flooding issue then you need to buy this product. I have two and every time there is coastal flooding I put them in and they keep the water out. It takes about two minutes to set up. They gave me peace of mind that my first floor won’t flood anymore.

Thomas Wells

I did not purchase the Dam Easy barriers. I aided the buyer, Ms. Donna Wright, in the email order as she does not have a computer. She is pleased with the product and installation. However, until storm/floodwaters occur, an evaluation of the product is not possible. She reports the design and engineering of the product is impressive.

jeff nunya.
Equally great and glad they’re available.

It worked great and fit flush with the normal sized.


Have a custom project in mind?

Unsure of how many flood barriers you need? Just a few clicks and you'll know exactly how many barriers are needed in no time with our easy to use calculator.