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Empangan Mudah ® Extegangan Kutub

Empangan Mudah ® Extegangan Kutub

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Drill Bit (2")


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Don't wait until the next flood warning to protect your home or business

Quickest to Deploy

Can be easily installed in under 5 minutes without any complex tools or labor required.

We are the Fastest in The Market

The Most Reliable

This barrier provides the first line of defense to prevent water from entering doors and windows in your home.

Certified EU Testing Standard

Unlimited Scalability

Cover larger areas with our extension poles which allow to connect multiple barriers.

Our longest deployment is 30 units

Secure Your Property In 3 Easy Steps

(And in under 5 minutes!)

Position in Door Reveal
Extend Side Panels
Inflate Seal

Finally, a solution anyone can install and does not require any tools!

The Dam Easy Extension Pole

DamEasy Flood Barriers allow you to effortlessly protect your house or business from flooding. Our flood barriers fit any door passage and seal it securely, preventing floodwater from coming in.

But what if you need to secure a garage gate or any other wide and non-standard passage?

The DamEasy Extension Pole allows the use of multiple barriers covering openings from 1660mm (65.35"); to widths beyond.

The extension pole fits the Dam Easy® Flood Barrier perfectly and allows you to connect two DamEasy flood barriers securely.

With the extension pole, our Flood Gates can be used to secure Garages, Patio doors, French doors, Shopfronts, Loading bays, Elevator shafts. The list is endless.


We strive to get our products to you in the fastest times, and we ship our products World Wide.

Currently our orders are taking:

  • 2-3 days to reach our customers in USA
  • 2-3 days in Australia
  • 2-3 days in UK
  • 1 day in Ireland
  • 3-4 days for the rest of the World


Our Flood Barrier Door Dams can be adjusted to fit most door ways, if you wish to protect a larger entrance such as a garage or patio doors you will require to install one or more extension poles (depending on the size of your opening). if you are unsure how many barriers and extension poles you require to secure your home please reach out to us and we will gladly assist you.

  • Flood Barriers extend from 780 mm - 1100 mm. (30"-43") wide
  • The Barrier height is 720 mm (28")
  • If your entrance is wider than 1100 mm (43") you will require to install an extension pole to connect multiple barriers.

Each barrier comes with an inflatable seal installed, and one spare.

Installing the Extension Pole

To install an extension pole, you need to core a hole 55mm (2") thick by 160mm (6") deep. A stainless steel rod is placed in this hole, runs flush with the ground, and acts as an anchor for the pole. You don`t need any costly installation or sophisticated equipment to do it. 

The extension pole can now be installed and removed in seconds. allowing you to build a comprehensive 3-foot water barrier of any size in a matter of several minutes.

When the extension pole is not in use, screw a stainless-steel cap into the base. It runs flat with the ground, leaving the area looking nice and neat.

Our extension pole allows you to protect any passage from flooding or even build an independently standing flood barrier that will prevent floodwater from getting into your property.

Get your extension pole or several of them today, and make sure that your house, business, or any other place or building remains safe and sound during the upcoming flood season.

Recommended Next Steps

  1. Measure each of your openings from jam to jam
  2. Use the Dam Easy calculator on our top menu and enter the measurements for each opening
  3. You will receive a summary of the products you require to protect your property.
  4. You can download your quote for future reference, or purchase your required products right away

NOTE: If you require any assistance or wish for our sales team to assist you look over your openings, reach out to us on chat, phone or email