About us

Who are Dam Easy Flood Barriers

Dam Easy Flood Barriers is a brand from All Weather Industries - an Irish company established in September 2017. 

Originally the company has launched a line of modern flood control solutions for the Irish domestic market. However, due to climate change and other factors that made floods happen more often worldwide, the demand for flood protection products quickly spread to other neighboring European countries. 

Soon enough, Dam Easy started to explore markets outside of Europe; in Asia, North America, South America, Australia, and the Middle East.

Today our flagman product, the flood barrier, as well as other modern flood control solutions from Dam Easy, are available in over 30 countries and distributed by 21 partners worldwide.

There are several features that distinguish Dam Easy flood control products from competitors` analogs:

  • Efficiency – The efficiency of Dam Easy Flood Barriers and other anti-flooding devices has been proven by numerous tests from independent laboratories and experts as well as positive reviews from house and business owners worldwide;
  • Design – Dam Easy Flood Barriers are designed the way that makes them easy to use and particularly durable;
  • Sustainability – Dam Easy Flood Barriers are multi-use flood control devices that will serve you for many years. Unlike sandbags and other archaic solutions, our flood barriers make the least possible impact on the environment and perform like a zero-waste flood control device. 

The main goal of Dam Easy is to provide as many people as possible with the most efficient, safe, and reliable flood control solutions that will help them protect their houses, businesses as well as public places from floods, the most frequent and destructive natural disaster worldwide.

All-Weather Industries are members of the European Flood Protection Association.

Paddy McGlade MD