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many thousands of homes protected, call us today!
Dam Easy® Extension Pole - Dam Easy

Dam Easy® Extension Pole

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The Dam Easy Extension Pole

The Dameasy Extension Pole allows the use of multiple barriers covering openings from 1660mm. to widths beyond 3000mm.

The extension pole is for use with the Dam Easy® Flood Barrier.
Two or more barriers can be connected together with the aid of our extension pole. With the extension pole our Flood Gates can be used to secure Garages, Patio doors, French doors, Shop fronts, Loading bays. Elevators shafts. the list is endless.
To install an extension pole you require to core a hole 55mm thick by 160mm deep, a stainless steel rod is placed in this hole and runs flush with the ground and acts like an anchor for the pole. 

The extension pole can now be installed and removed in seconds.
When the extension pole is not in use there is a stainless steel cap which is screwed into the base and runs flush with the ground, leaving the area looking nice and neat.

Here is an image of how the hole for the extension pole will look when not in use

Installing a Dam Easy Extension Pole

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