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Superior designed product

Very well thought out product with fairly easy installation. Definitely a ciut above the rest. Thankfully have not needed it yet but ready to go. So far on a test run has held air pressure for 5 days. So works as designed and for Hurricane use more than acceptable.

A Christmas Miracle

This thing is excellent and the company has the best support. Last year Poseidon thought it would be funny to flood our home in the NY hudson valley with a 5.5' tidal surge on Christmas eve. Fortunately I had been following the forecast and had purchased the Dam Easy barrier a month prior.

I had installed the barrier the night before in preparation and awoke to find 18"+ of water up the side of my house and the barrier. Over the next 2-3 hours the the Dam Easy barrier worked perfectly in keeping the water from our basement and saved our Christmas. A true miracle!

As the tide subsided and our Dam Easy-less neighbors were pumped dry, a member of our local fire department asked if we needed our basement pumped out. I'm pretty sure he didn't believe me when I told him we were fine (likely thinking we were hiding a meth lab or something).

I now keep my barrier ready with spare seals on hand just in case we experience a similar surge. Top marks Dam Easy!

Flood protection

I have the Dameasy flood barriers for the past 5 years. I have put them up on several occasions, but fortunately we did not need them. On 13/11/23 for Storm Debi they went up again and on this occasion they definitely proved their worth. Without the Dameasy flood barriers, we would have been flooded. Best money ever spent.

Quick Delivery / Quick Install

I have installed the new seal on my Barrier. It was extremely easy to install. I then stored the product "ready to go" and hope to never need it!! The barrier, btw, worked amazingly well - held back 2 feet of water...

I bought more ( :

After these barriers proved effective in my single door openings, I bought more and connector poles to cover a 100" opening. We also raised the clothes dryer vents to 48" and filled the old openings with concrete.
Now, my 1950 Brick Bunker is protected within minutes, and my friends say they're stylish, too. Thank you DamEasy Flood Barriers. We keep them under our beds.

Sleeping Better during Hurricane Season

I live in North East Florida on the Intracoastal Waterway. We flooded 5 years ago during Hurricane Irma. Every year during mid-summer we start watching the Hurricane Tracker app to monitor potential storms. We typically don’t schedule extended vacations during September and October during peak hurricane season. In 2022, we had two potential flood events where water rose above our seawall. While thankfully we did not flood, it was a very stressful situation. We needed a solution to eliminate / minimize flooding.

In November, I spent countless hours online searching for solutions to prevent flooding. I reviewed numerous publications on how to flood proof your home, including FEMA’s “Homeowner’s Guide to Retrofitting” and, countless online reviews for all types of products.

My considerations for purchase were: 1) component quality of product, 2) potential effectiveness, 3) ease of use, 4) top rated reviews, and 5) cost.

Based on these criteria I selected DamEasy flood barriers. I used the online calculator to determine the number of barriers and extension poles required. For our rear doors I emailed DamEasy photos to get an expert recommendation since I had raised stucco foam trim around some doors and was concerned about the structural integrity. To my surprise I received a phone call the next day from Chris at DamEasy. He said they would be in my area and would it be okay if they come over the house and personally view exactly what was needed.

During Chris’s visit I purchased flood barriers and extension poles to protect all 6 openings on my house. I needed some additional cement / stucco work to further protect my house and install the extension pole base sockets. Chris recommended a local contractor that was working with DamEasy in North Florida. I hired them and their work product was amazing and it was done at a reasonable price.

In my opinion DamEasy has a high quality product with great customer service. While we still get uneasy when a new tropical disturbance is announced, we feel more at ease with the DamEasy flood barriers. Hopefully we will never have to use the flood barriers, but we know we have an added level of protection – which is simply DamEasy.

Thank God for Damn Easy!

Our home in St Augustine flooded twice last year. And while insurance covered the majority of repairs, after dealing with all the bs and nearly a full year of contractors, dry wall guys and big box stores, I was looking for some kind of flood mitigation system that wasn't too expensive or ridiculous to install. After reviewing several different options – including what amounted to a giant rubber donut placed around my house – I was really confused. Everything seemed so expensive and crazy to install that I basically gave up until I noticed a neighbor had purchased a system from a company called DamnEasy Flood Barriers. Interested, I set up an appointment with their sales guy and was pleasantly surprised to see their system was not only super easy to install, but also reasonably priced. As a guy who flunked wood shop – twice – I was hesitant at first because this kind of thing is out of my lease, but when I saw and felt the DamnEasy product I was convinced it could work. At 44 pounds – and with adjustable wings – the DamnEasy barrier fit snuggly in my doorway within a matter of minutes. Even my wife was surprised how easy it was for her to install the system. We even showed a neighbor how to do it in case we weren’t in town when a flood hit, and he had the whole system – 4 door barriers and a chain of barriers for our garage – up in less than 15 minutes. And while there was about 4 feet on the side of my house where we needed to install a small concrete wall, the DamnEasy guys even helped with that, utilizing their local contractor to get the job done in a day or two. And while it sounds a little crazy, I’m actually anticipating our next flood so I can see how well the system works (and I have every reason to believe it will). Even betterl, the DamnEasy system costs me less than half of the other systems I was investigating, none of which went up as easily or seemed seems as sturdy. No special tools or crazy retrofitting – the system was ready to install the moment it was delivered. Not sure how much easier it can get but would recommend DamnEasy to anyone looking to avoid the hassles of even a minor flood (which caused us over $150k in damage.)

Saved twice in 2022

St Augustine, Florida. In October and also November 2022 My home was protected by Dam Easy barriers. My tenant installed them in minutes, to hold back what he described as 11-15 inches of water. 100% effective.
See the picture of my home after Hurricaine Nicole. This was taken by a neighbor directly across the street. I did not have coverage for the french doors as shown, but the main part of the house was dry.

Great product and service!

Irma in 2017 filled our garage and front door with river water in our home in Jacksonville Fl. Clean up was miserable and it caused quite a bit of damage. Determined not to have that happen again, I found this ingenious product. They are pricy but not nearly as expensive as flood damage. I bought three of them and a post in June. When Ian started heading our way I headed to Jax to get them in place. The roiling river in the picture is high tide as Ian passed. Thankfully it did not rush through our garage door that faces it like it did during Irma. Two days before Ian hit I got a text from Chris at Dam Easy asking me if I needed any help installing the barrier before Ian got here! Who does that??? The instructions are great and the installation easy. I had to drill a hole in the concrete for the post in garage door entrance and epoxy its base. A bit of work but it is a solid, secure installation. Post and base are well made. I had a slight issue with one of the seals not holding pressure but there is an extra one included and they are very easy to replace. Again Chris was there for me if I needed him. He even called me from Ireland the next day to make sure everything was ok!! I never installed the front door dam because thankfully the river never got to the house. But I was confident that I could quickly put it in place if the river approached after seeing how easy it was to install the garage door barriers. While thankfully Ian never pushed the river to the house, I have absolutely no doubt these would have held. Very solid and well designed product. And the guys at Dam Easy are great! If you are anywhere subject to rapid flooding I highly recommend this product and the the folks at Dam Easy.

Great Product, Great Service, Great Company

We suffered very significant flood damage (over 1.5 ft of water in our house and over $230K in damage) from Hurricane Id'a in the fall of 2021. Oh, how we wish we had known about Dam Easy's flood barriers before then. We have had 2 other significant flooding instances since we acquired and installed the DamEasy barriers in front of our garage doors and we haven't gotten a drop of water inside our garage or house! They are extremely easy to put up and take down - the only real effort that may require some assistance (as was the case with us) is the installation of the sockets for the extension poles. I not only highly recommend these barriers, but I also highly recommend the company itself. Their Customer Service is amongst the very best I have ever dealt with. They answered every question I had and went the extra mile in making certain I was getting the very best from their product. Given this level of customer service and what is at stake regarding the cost these days of damage due to flooding, an investment in these barriers is a tremendous deal.

Perfect solution for our problem

We purchased our home on the edge of a golf course with a creek nearby. It seemed like a perfect place to spend our retirement years. This is until the following year we experienced heavy rains that produced a flood that did $60,000 in damages to our home and months of haggling with our insurer. We needed a solution because we did not want to go through this trauma again. As we looked we found options but none that we could physically handle at our golden year age until we found DAM EASY FLOOD GATES. The Dam Easy support team advised us through the installation process which we did with some help from our son. A little over a year later we had another flood which was more severe than the previous flood.... we came out bone dry... thanks Dam Easy for your product.... Roy and Barbara Beebe...

Customer Service Above & Beyond!!!

I received the product 4 days after I ordered it. While installing it I had some technical issues. The product creator called me from overseas to help me troubleshoot and solve the issue. During the process a couple of seals broke and they send me replacements within a few days.
I can’t say enough about how this company stands behind their product!
The concept is simple and logical and the construction of the product solid. Installation is simple as long as you follow the directions and keep a few simple concepts in mind. I have the Dam Easy ready to protect my home the next time flood waters threaten.

Best money ever spent!!!

I have spent years using sandbags that doesn’t work. But I do my best to protect my Home and over the past few years the floods are more frequent and the water level is getting higher, when I seen my neighbour using the Dam easy I was amazed at the quality of the product and how simple it is to use I have used this product numerous times and it has stopped water every time this is undoubtably one of the best investments I’ve made.

Needs to be careful with the seal

The product is great, and definitely give me security and peace of mind.
Great customer service
I am recommend this product
You need to watch this video
That help me to understand how the connection of the seal work.


Recommend to buy extra seals

Fantastic product

Very good product. Excellent quality

Excellent product... Awesome customer service !

This is an amazing product that will definitely protect my home when the next storm comes. I only wish I had ordered sooner before the last heavy flash flooding in New York. I now have two for my basement front and back doors. Follow up and contact with customer service was excellent and they quickly responded and took care of a small item (spare seal) that was damaged during shipping. Looking forward to using these door dams and feeling safer and protected if and when the next rain storm hits. Best of all it was Dam Easy to install.

Dam good product

I had already left a review because i was so impressed with the product, but felt i had to leave another after the barrier saved us in a recent storm, fantastic product that works so well, you can't imagine how grateful we are. Christine

Andy L.

Simply saved our valuables in the garage. Works perfectly. Very fast delivery. Easy and fast to apply. Just great

I wanted to send you pictures of the flood barrier as we installed it as a test after construction of our front yard. We are very happy with it and plan to use it if the street floods again this year. I wanted to leave a review for you!

We may purchase another for our back gate but we're waiting to see if it floods again this year as it's a lot less than the front and we worked on the back alley to help prevent flooding so hopefully that worked. Christine

Some photos of the recent flood with the barriers up, really worked well! Really useful.

This remodeling after flood has been a lil nightmarish! It looks great, I can’t wait to see the result. Thank you so much for mailing me the additional needed parts. Btw, all the neighbors around this rental property can not wait to see the results! I think I may have a lot of referrals for you. I love your product, your company and the customer service is so over the top, I really can’t say thank you enough. Sincerely & with a heart full of gratefulness, Jennifer Gates

Seems great, very easy to deploy (maybe 2-3 minutes)! Our front door has a somewhat large weather stop on the bottom so to make the barrier fit we've had to put some spare bits of wood either side so the inner tube has something to seal against. We've used a curtain rail from Amazon to hold the wood in place which seems to work.

Really easy to install and looks like it will do exactly what we want next time there is a flood!

i purchased this on behalf of my dad, he asked me to do the research online and i found there is no other product which looked easy to use, in fact most other options required employing a builder, it does exactly what it says on the tin, very high quality item, but what really impressed me was the customer service, these guys really go all out to help, right through until we tested it. many thanks

This product is a game changer, i was very surprised at how quick i was able to set it up. thanks for your assistance on the chat,