Flood Safety checklist. Things you need in your flood kit

Flood Safety checklist. Things you need in your flood kit

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With floods happening more and more often worldwide, having a flood safety kit becomes essential for households and businesses. Flooding does not leave you too much time to think, analyze and prepare when it is already just around the corner. And sometimes, the most basic items, those that we usually take for granted in everyday life, may become lifesavers in the face of disaster.

In this article, we shall talk about the essential things everyone should have in their flood safety kit and items that may not be that urgent for most cases but still make a difference if you get caught by flooding one day.

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Why prepare a flood safety kit?

In the best-case scenario, the flooding in your area will be minor, and you will have to worry about water damage to your property rather than actual survival. However, there are many cases when you may be blocked by floodwater and will have to spend some time on your own taking care of your loved ones until the emergency services are able to reach out and evacuate you to a safe place.

Even if the situation does not get that harsh and you can get out of your house after the water retreats, there is a big chance that the infrastructure of your area will be affected by the flood.

The roads may be washed off with floodwater and blocked with debris and garbage. The water supply may get compromised by dirt, chemicals, and even sewage substances brought by the flooding. Your vehicle may be damaged by the disaster, and unsafe to drive to the nearest shopping center where you can get food and bottled water. After all, the shopping center itself may be damaged and the inventory compromised by dirty water.

In other words, the flooding does not have to be genuinely disastrous to cut you off from regular food and water supplies, and there is a big chance that you will have to spend a day or two surviving on your own before the situation gets back to normal more or less.

That is why it is essential to have a flood safety kit in your house and ensure that the products and items are in good condition before every flood season.

The essential flood safety kit.

Here are the items every homeowner should have in their house to ensure their and their families' safety in case of flooding:

  • Clean bottled water - 1 gallon (~3,5 liters) per person per day
  • Non-perishable food - avoid salty or spicy snacks as they will make you thirsty and make you use more water per day;
  • Radio with a tone alert and additional batteries;
  • Flashlight;
  • First Aid kit;
  • Face masks - they can be used as protection against dusty and contaminated air or filters;
  • Dust tape and insulation tape - to prevent water from flooding your shelter;
  • Wet napkins and garbage bags - for hygiene and sanitation;
  • Cell phone with an external battery - it is a good idea to get a "dumb phone" for emergency cases as they tend to have many longer-living batteries;
  • Pliers and tool kit with rubber-covered handles to avoid touching switches and appliances with bare hands;
  • Rubber gloves;
  • Supply of necessary meds for those who take them regularly.

Except for those essential items, you may need some additional supplies if you have pets, some members of your house are going through treatment or suffer from chronic conditions, you have infants in the family, etc.

Here are some additional flood safety supplies you may want to consider for your particular case:

  • Infant formula, diapers, clean clothes, blankets, and other supplies for young children;
  • Pet food and additional water supplies for animals;
  • Blankets and sleeping bags;
  • A change of clothes for the whole family;
  • Hot packets;
  • Fire extinguisher;
  • The essential documents and cash money are packed in waterproof files and containers;
  • Matches and gas burner.

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How to arrange your flood safety kit?

You might have noticed that 99,9% of the items that we have mentioned are regular things that every household has. Does it mean that you are all good and no additional preparations are needed to ensure your safety in case of flooding?

Not entirely. The trick is to organize and store your flood safety kit in such a way that it will be accessible at any point, safe from floodwater, and ready to use right away.

First of all, analyze your needs for the upcoming flood period. Maybe last year you didn't have a pet or an infant child in the family, and today you need to add some items to your flood safety kit.

Make sure to check the expiration dates on every can and product regularly and replace them on time.

It is essential to keep your flood safety kit in a place that is most unlikely to be affected by floodwater but can be easily accessible for all family members at the same time.

Other flood safety essentials.

The way your house manages to withstand the floodwater will, in most ways, determine your safety and chances to survive during the disaster. Except for preparing your flood safety kit and making sure that the emergency cases will locate and evacuate you as soon as possible, it is essential to endure your house and block floodwater from getting into your property.

Modern flood barriers are a convenient and most efficient flood control solution on the market that helps you fully seal every door, garage or basement gate, or any other passage, keeping your house dry and safe in case of flooding.

It takes only several minutes to deploy your flood barrier, which makes it efficient even against unpredictable flash floods.

After the water retreats, you can simply flood your flood barrier kit and store it safely in the garage, basement, or even behind the door until you need it again.

Contact Dam Easy to learn more about our flood barriers and other modern anti-flooding solutions that will help you remain safe and sound during the flood season and ensure the safety of your beloved ones in the face of the most frequent natural disaster in the world. 

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