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Types of floods. Which one can I expect in my area?

Types of floods. Which one can I expect in my area?

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Floods are the most frequent natural disaster today. Hearing another announcement about flooding somewhere in the world, we naturally imagine how raging water wipes off villages and towns, leaving numerous people without livelihoods and roof over their heads. However, not all floods are the same. Indeed, experts distinguish five different types of floods. They may differ in their nature and course of events but appear to be dangerous and destructive for people who have to face them.

types of floods and how to prepare for them

Depending on where you live, what is the landscape in your region and how the local climate has been influenced by the ongoing global warming, you may even have to face different types of floods in the same area throughout several years.

Experts distinguish five different types of floods:

·         Flash floods;

·         Ponding floods;

·         River floods;

·         Coastal floods;

·         Urban floods.

Knowing exactly what to prepare for and how to protect your property will give you the advantage over disaster and help you minimize or even eliminate losses even to from the most dangerous types of floods.


Flash Floods

It is the most dangerous and devastating kind of floods simply because people who have to face them hardly ever expect the disaster or have time and resources to prepare for it.

Flash floods mostly happen in regions that have steep slopes in their landscape. The water collected in them during seasonal rainfall may start flowing down to the nearest water body like a river, creek or lake. The process usually takes several hours only and gains momentum as the water streams down the hills.

Flash floods are nature`s response to heavy rainfall that can turn even the most peacefully-looking water body into a raging water stream. They step back as suddenly as they appear, living behind destruction, injuries and billions in losses.

The only way to protect your property from this types of floods is to have an efficient anti-flooding system that you can install in a matter of several minutes. Dam Easy flood barriers are exactly this kind of solution. You may install them as a preventive matter in your property as soon as the rain the season approaches and has a peace of mind knowing that you are protected even from the most sudden course of events.


Ponding floods

Unlike flash floods, ponding floods are among the slowest types of floods. In fact, it makes them even more dangerous and destructive.

Ponding floods often happen in regions with the flat landscape. When heavy rains overflow local ponds or pools due to inefficient drainage of the pumping system, the water starts to fill up all the available areas and does it successfully due to the flat and accessible landscape.

Such floods give people time to prepare thoroughly and protect their property, however, many tend to ignore the warning signs until the graduate flooding turns into a disaster.


River Floods

From all types of floods, river floods might be the most dangerous. The combine the raging nature of flash floods with the deceiving graduate growth of pond floodings.

When rainfall forces rivers to get out of their banks, they start looking for ways to connect with other water bodies like lakes, ponds, other rivers or even small creeks turning them into raging water streams.

Such floodings are most common in areas with solid soil that cannot absorb extra water and punches it forward down the stream.

River floods are historically most destructive simply because people have always tended to settle next to rivers. And nowadays the climate change is turning those streams of life into real and present danger for them.


Coastal floods

Coastal floods happen when strong wind pushes the water up, creating high waves. Those who live at the shoreside are pretty used to storms, especially during winter. However, coastal storms often appear as sudden for them as any other types of floods.

The nature of coastal storms is pretty unpredictable as the course of the storm does not depend on the landscape but moves according to air temperature and pressure. Those charts tend to change dramatically due to climate change, making coastal storms more and more sudden and destructive even for those who seem to be used to living next to big water.


Urban floods

Unlike all other types of floods, urban floods seem to be a combination of all disasters mentioned above. However, they have their distinctive peculiarity. Urban floods mostly happen due to the lack of open soil that can absorb water excess. Also, big cities often have problems with sewage blockings and outdated drainage systems not designed to cope with raging water.

However, since most real estate and businesses are located in urban areas, those floods appear to cause the biggest financial harm.


Forewarned is forearmed – it is the only principle that can help you protect yourself and your property from all types of floods.

Contact Dam Easy today and learn about innovative flood barriers that you can install and remove easily, without any assistance and in a matter of several minutes. Our experts will analyse the flooding threat in your area and offer a personalized flooding solution produced and assembled according to the measurements of your property.


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