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The risks of summer floods and protection from them

The risks of summer floods and protection from them

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If you thought that Spring the high season for floods and the danger has passed as long as Summer is about to come, we have some bad news for you. Statistically, summer floods are much more dangerous and destructive than those that happen during the snowmelt season.

Risks of Summer floods

While spring floods are more graduate because they are mostly caused by the snowmelt, Summer floods are usually the result of heavy rainfalls. They are often called "Flash Floods" – the kind of disaster that seems to occur suddenly from nowhere.

They happen to be more dangerous and destructive due to the following reasons:

·People usually relax after the spring thinking that the danger of flooding has already passed;

·By the beginning of summer people tend to remove all the flood barriers, temporary dams, and other measures;

·Flash floods may occur in a matter of a couple hours not leaving people enough time to protect their houses properly.

Why do Summer floods happen?

As we have already mentioned, summer floods are usually the result of heavy rainfall. Summer weather can be pretty deceiving, especially at the beginning of the season. A thunderstorm may suddenly occur in the middle of a warm sunny day.

There are two main reasons for Summer floods:

·More moisture and evaporates when the days become hot and sunny. All that moisture forms clouds that become pretty heavy and cause heavy rainfall that leads to floods;

·Light steering summer winds aloft causing thunderstorms.

If you live on a flat landscape with any water bodies in your area, your house becomes most vulnerable to summer floods. When the weather starts changing and the first hot sun rays hit the Earth's surface, it can start a chain reaction that can lead to disaster.

In this case, you have two solutions:

·You may stick to the anti-flooding solutions you might have put waiting for the Spring flood season;

·You can choose innovatively flood barriers that can be installed and removed in a matter of several minutes, as soon as the skies turn stormy.

Can Summer floods be dangerous?

Summer floods can be more dangerous than the notorious Spring flooding season. They seem to come from nowhere, leaving you no time to prepare your property and protect it thoroughly.

Here are the main dangers of Summer floods:

·They tend to happen in southern regions and areas with a dramatic contrast between summer and winter temperatures. The soil in those areas is mostly clay, which does not let the water absorb in the ground and pushes it to burst the banks;

·Areas most prone to summer floods often have lakes, rivers, creeks, or other water bodies that attract tourists as soon as the Summer season starts. Staying in outdoor camping locations or bungalows they are most vulnerable to flash summer floods;

·Many people tend to take a short vacation at the beginning of summer as soon as the school break starts. They leave their houses attendant unprotected and most prone to summer floods.

In the face of such unpredictable disaster as the flash summer flood, it is always better to have an anti-flooding solution that would be easy to install and remove, won`t take too much space stored in your garage or basement and guarantees thorough protection even against major inundation.

Dam Easy Flood Barriers are exactly that kind of solution. Unlike sandbags or flood doors, they don`t require assistance or special skills for installation, provide comprehensive protection from water, and pay off with the first flooding event due to high efficiency and low maintenance.

Contact Dam Easy today and get your personalized flood barrier kit assembled precisely according to the measurements of your property and ensure that you and your beloved ones are properly forearmed even against unexpected disaster.

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