The 5 ways a flooding will affect your house value.

The 5 ways a flooding will affect your house value.

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Water damage might be the most complicated and costly for all homeowners. Whether we are talking about minor flooding from the annual snowmelt or the big-scale disaster, flooding can have instant and long-term consequences that will affect the value of your property for sure.

The real estate market has always been extremely competitive. Whether they tell you "It is a seller`s" or "a buyer's" market today, selling your property may appear much harder than you may imagine if you have any kind of water damage in the house. Especially if you want to sell fast and at a fair price.

Another important thing to remember is that the standard insurance policies never cover flood damage. It means that if you don`t take care o a separate flood insurance coverage for your house, all the repairs, replacements, and losses will come at your expense or the expense of a person who buys the house.

To make a long story short, flood damage is terrible for the value of your house. But in this article, we shall talk about how bad it actually is and what you can do to avoid the losses and preserve the value of your property or protect the legacy for your heirs.

Property damage

Thinking about the damage caused by floods, we mostly think about damage to the property itself.

But what do we actually mean when we talk about property damage caused by water? in fact, flood damage is not only the trouble that an actual cinematic 3-foot flooding causes. Water damage can occur in your basement or garage, a tool shed, under the floors, and in the basement.

In fact, 90% of all-natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms, seasonal snowmelt, or heavy rainfall will cause some sort of water damage to your property that will eventually affect its value.

Taking action as soon as possible helps you save a great deal of money, time, and effort trying to sell the house in the future.

here are only several but the most notorious property damage examples that can be easily avoided if you get yourself a flood barrier kit or another modern flood control solution:

  • water damage to the floors;
  • damage to the water heater, HVAC system, and other vital appliances for the house;
  • Damage to the wall structure;
  • Development of mold, stains, rust, and other long-term effects of flooding.

Those are only the most common things sellers and real estate professionals have to bump into trying to sell almost every house in the United States. In most cases, the damage can even be life-threatening, and repairs will cost a lot of money. The money will go right out of the cash you hope to receive selling the house with water damage.

impact of flooding on the property

Financial risks

Your insurance policy probably does not cover the flood damage, as we have already mentioned. Therefore, all those stains, cracks, and mold will have pretty harsh financial consequences for your household. Not to mention the loss of other belongings that can be damaged by water right away or get "eaten" by mold that has been neglected for several years.

In some states, the seller is obliged to reveal that the house has gone through major flooding. In others, this fact does not have to be revealed, but if the buyers discover that you have sold them a property with massive water damage, you may count on spending the next few months or even years in court.

In other words, flooding damage has huge financial risks for the property that can easily be avoided only if you install a flood barrier right before the flood strikes and prevent water from getting into your house.

Safety Issues

Flooding may have a long-term impact on the condition of your house that will turn into severe safety issues for those who plan to stay in it.

  • water damage is the main reason for severe electricity problems, shortenings, and other life-threatening matters;
  • Flooding will cause structural damage that may force the walls to crack and crumble and metal structures to rot and rust;
  • Standing water that may collect in the basement that has not been blocked from floods will become an incubator for insects, mold, and bacteria;
  • Flooding can affect the drinking water system, making the water people use daily dangerous for their health.

In other words, if you don`t take action and protect your house from raging water on time, it may become dangerous to live in after just one flooding event. 

Life-threatening situations

All the impacts described above can easily turn into life-threatening situations. You, some of your relatives or people who buy the house from you can get severely injured or even killed by a damaged electricity system due to unsteady structure or as a result of a long-term impact from mold, insects, and bacteria that will develop in a basement that has not been sealed from floods on time.

The worst part is that in most cases, these events may take place long after the flood and won`t even be connected to water damage in the first place. But they can easily be avoided with just one kit of flood barriers placed right before the disaster strikes.

Emotional issues

Experts admit that flooding is a natural disaster with a long-term emotional impact that can haunt you or the people who live in the affected house for years.

Like any other mammal, humans see raging water as a great danger and therefore instinctively won`t feel safe and comfortable in a house that has obviously been affected by flooding at least once.

In other words, once a prospective buyer sees that the house has some level of water damage, they may instantly reject to proceed with the deal even if there are no objective issues or hazards in the building itself.

Final thoughts.

Floods affect the value of your property and will have long-term consequences on the building itself and your pocket, even if you manage to eliminate most of the damage right after the flooding event.

It is always best to take care of yourself and take simple vitamins on time than go through a complicated and expensive surgery from the best doctor in the world. Knowing that Dam Easy has spent years analyzing and offering people the best flood control solutions that help thousands of home and business owners worldwide avoid water damage and preserve the value of their properties.

Contact Dam Easy today and learn more about world-famous flood barriers and other innovative solutions meant to make your life safer and protect your property and your pocket from any water damage. 

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