Sandbagging Garden - plants can protect you from flooding

Sandbagging Garden - plants can protect you from flooding

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Floods are happening more and more often worldwide. With traditional anti-flooding solutions such as sandbagging, purchasing innovative flood barriers or checking your building`s structure to eliminate weal points, you can use your garden to prevent house flooding.

Landscaping appears a powerful weapon against flooding and more and more households today consider changing their tarmac driveways into aesthetical and functional rain gardens. 

According to Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh`s research, certain types of plants can serve as a sandbagging barrier and be even more efficient than dikes protecting your house from water damage.

How can plants prevent flooding?

Of course, it is not only the plant itself that prevents flooding. However, the plant can create and requires certain conditions to help soil absorb water more efficiently and stream it away from your house.

Those are:

  • Plants` root system;
  • Sp[ecial soil mix;
  • Sand, compost and gravel in a certain combination allow the plant to thrive and create more absorbent soil at the same time.

sandbagging garden

The researcher has been experimenting with various plants in the Edinburg Royal Botanic Garden for several seasons to find a correlation between plants` nature and the ecosystem they create and require that helps prevent garden flooding.

The main idea of the research and its results is to demonstrate that studying nature and searching for ways to benefit from what it offers is much more efficient than fighting against it. Once tarmacking your front yard is basically an invitation for floodwaters to enter your property, establishing a rain garden is the same as building a sandbagging dike in front of your house. However, this type of dike has its obvious benefits:

  • It is a more eco-friendly solution that does not produce any waste or pollution;
  • It is more aesthetically appealing;
  • You don`t have to erect and disassemble this anti-flooding solution during and after each flooding season.


Which plants are perfect for a rain garden?

Several plants appear to be most suitable for any rain garden. They are low-maintenance, easy to buy and don't require specific landscaping or gardening skills to establish your own sandbagging rain garden.

  • Giant Rhubarb
  • Granny`s Bonnet
  • Goatsbeard
  • Leopard Plant

The recent floods in Europe causing devastating consequences gave some more ground for the theory that establishing a garden at your property may stand in the same line with such traditional anti-flooding solutions as sandbagging, making them more efficient.

Apparently, households with rain gardens on their territories were damaged by the disaster much less than those with tarmac driveways.

What is a rain garden?

The idea of a rain garden is to arrange the landscape so that the soul can soak excessive water and stream it away from the building.

In a way, such gardens work as natural dikes that capture rainwater, withhold it for a while and then carefully filter it to the soil preventing overflow and flooding. That is why some also call rain gardens sandbagging landscapes.

Why should you invest in a rain garden?

Since rain garden has a pretty practical use, planting may be complicated and more demanding than just decorating your yard with plants you like.

However, such sandbagging gardens have numerous benefits that make an effort totally worth it:

  • Such gardens are particularly low-maintenance. They practically don`t need any special irrigation or fertilization;
  • They make the soil around your house at least 30% more observant, preventing excessive water from heavy rainfall caused flooding in your property;
  • They make sure the structure of your building and postpone its routine mending by preventing soil corrosion;
  • Plants used for rain gardens attract insects and animals that create a unique ecosystem, helping you contribute to environmental protection and sustainable living in your area.

Your garden can prevent climate change.

Except for serving as a sandbagging dike for your property, rain gardens can truly contribute to fighting against climate change.

According to Royal Botanic Garden or Edinburg, the more households choose to plant rain gardens on their territories, the clearer it will be for Botanics and climate researchers whose plants truly affect the air and prevent or even stop disasters.

In other words, your private rain garden can be a small-scale project that will eventually grow into a major worldwide plan for preventing wildfires, floods and air pollution. Studying and developing the phenomenon of rain gardens, scientists and environmental experts hope to find a botanical pattern that will help distinguish plants most adaptable for the urban and rural environment, affecting the groundwaters.

According to landscaping experts, Summer is the best period to start your rain garden. It will help you choose and plant the vegetation carefully and let it settle down before the next flooding season arrives.

While sandbagging gardens appear a promising eco-friendly anti-flooding solution, you must benefit from all options you can find on the modern market. Your rain garden will make the landscape around your property most attractive and improve the soul preventing floods often caused by rainy reasons.

In case the disaster escalates, it is often best to have an efficient, innovative solution that will help you protect your house from up to 3-foot flooding.

DSam Easy offers a wide range of such solutions, including Flood Barriers. They can be installed and removed in a matter of several minutes without special tools, skills or professional assistance. Along with rain gardens, flood barriers are a sustainable, eco-friendly anti-flooding solution that will serve you many years.

Contact Dam Easy today and learn how you can protect your property thoroughly before the disaster knocks at your door.

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