Protecting Your Florida Home From Floods.

Protecting Your Florida Home From Floods.

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Buying a home in Florida may have numerous perks, but it also comes with the pitfalls of dealing with almost constant flood risks. To fully understand your risk and therefore protect your Florida home from water damage, you will need to do some homework: research the data and statistics associated with flood-prone areas in the state and study the market for available flood barriers and other flood control solutions.

Let us help you a bit with crunching down the numbers and suggesting an easy solution that will help you save a great deal of time, effort, and money on protecting your Florida home from floods.

The Numbers Behind Flood Risks

According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), property owners outside high-risk flood zones file over 20% of all flood claims. Surprisingly, they receive one-third of all federal disaster assistance for flooding. This reveals that flood damage isn’t restricted to designated high-risk areas; it can affect properties across various zones.

FEMA flood maps, which classify areas as high-risk (A or V), moderate-to-low-risk (B, C, or X), or unmapped (D), often serve as a reference. However, these maps may not cover all potential flood scenarios, especially those concerning rainfall away from major water bodies. Additionally, FEMA data is updated only every 5 to 30 years, leaving room for discrepancies and changes in flood patterns.

Enter the Flood Factor System by First Street Foundation, offering a detailed scale from 1 to 10 to assess flood risks. This system provides a more nuanced understanding, incorporating aerial views, historical data, and comprehensive flood risk summaries. Its consumer-friendly approach and regular updates make it a valuable resource for homeowners seeking accurate flood risk information.

Flood protection in Florida

Florida homeowners enjoy a wide choice of floor control solutions. From the good old sandbags to modern flood barriers The latter are considered the most efficient, reliable, and, what is also important, sustainable flood protection devices, which can be used for all kinds of properties.

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You can install flood barriers in every door passage and use flood gates to protect the garage, basement, and their contents from water damage. You can even connect several flood barriers and make sure that your swimming pool, summer kitchen, and any other outdoor construction remain untouched during the most severe Florida flooding.

One of the best things about flood barriers for homes is the fact that they can be easily installed and removed without any sufficient physical effort, special skills, or tools. Even a child can easily secure a door passage with these innovative flood gates.

The recent storm season showed that flood barriers for homes can even be installed into window frames to protect your house from shattered glass, flying objects, and other dangers associated with storms and hurricanes.

But how do you know exactly which flood barriers you may need to protect your Florida home thoroughly? How many will you have to buy, where, and how will you install them?

Meet Jim from St Augustine, Florida

Our customer Jim, who recently bought a beautiful house in St. Augustine, FL, addressed us with all those questions and endless concerns that made him hesitant about investing in modern flood barriers.

He wasn't sure which flood barriers and other equipment he may need for his new house to protect it from regular floods in the area.

Dam Easy has sent a team of qualified experts who examined the house and helped Jim make informed decisions about how many flood barriers he may need and how and where to install them in the best way.

Florida home Dam Easy team

Dam Easy now has teams all over Florida, in St. Augustine, Naples, St. Petersburg, Cape Coral, and Miami. We will explore the flood risks in your area, thoroughly check your house, determine its "weak spots," and recommend the exact flood barrier kit that will help you protect your Florida property from water damage.

In case your house will need any reinforcement or adjustments in order to get the most out of modern flood protection solutions, we will send a team of certified professionals who will make sure that your house is fully prepared and can withstand even the most severe flooding.

Understanding flood risks is the first step toward safeguarding your home. Reach out to Dam Easy for a thorough evaluation of your property and personalized flood protection strategies.

florida home dam easy team at work

With modern flood barriers and expert advice, you will be able to fortify your home against potential water damage, even if you don't live in Florida!

Contact us today, and we will do our best to answer all your questions and help you make informed decisions about protecting your home or business from floods.

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