Flood Barriers - How to protect your Garage from flooding?

Flood Barriers - How to protect your Garage from flooding?

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Flood Barriers

Dam Easy Flood Barriers solution for Garages and larger openings

South Port, North Carolina

Holly and Chip contacted us in August 2020, concerned about the flood protection of their property in South Port, NC. they required flood protection for front and back door of their home, a double garage, a triple garage and a single entrance leading into garage.

Flooding History of North Carolina

Indeed, North Carolina – the land with breathtaking landscapes and moderate climate, has a significant average of 55-inch rainfalls and 16-inch snowfall in the mountain area, which may become a severe flooding threat for numerous property owners in the state.

North Carolina even holds its world records in the history of flooding observations. For example, the flood of 1916 was one of the most significant floods that have ever happened in North America. Since then, every locality in North Carolina has a least two significant floods under its belt.

Rainfall of 2017

The most devastating one happened not so long ago – in 2017. Heavy rainfall that year resulted in 10 inches under just three day period, causing severe flooding.  The flooding of 2017 had devastating long-term consequences for the community and economy of North Carolina.

It resulted in massive property loss, enormous damage to hundreds of homes, and numerous local businesses’ destruction.


River Overflows

Due to heavy snowfall in North Carolina’s mountain area and its massive melt in the springtime, this state is no stranger to floods caused by river overflow. In 2016 North Carolina put its name on the flooding map once again, when the US Geological Survey reported that at least 14 river gauges broke flooding records set by Hurricane Floyd Flooding in 1999.


As you see, Holly and Chip’s concern about flood-proofing their property is entirely justified by the statistic, geographic, and climate peculiarities of North Carolina.

Tailored Flood Barrier Solutions from Dam Easy


flood barriers for garageExcept for the essential front door flood barriers, Holy and Chip needed a solution for their double garage, with an entrance door at the side. The main benefit of Dam Easy flood barriers and their main advantage over Flood Door and other flood defense solutions is that we can tailor your flood barrier precisely to your property’s measurements and needs.

After Holy and Chip provided the measurements of each entrance, we were able to tell them exactly what flood-proofing solution will be perfect for their property and provided an instant, accurate quote for their order. In their case, nine barriers with six extension poles were the optimal solution for them.

It took us three days to assemble their order, pack it safely and dispatch it directly to Holy and Chip’s house. The barriers are easy-to-install and come with comprehensive instructions. They have managed to set up their Dam Easy flood barrier independently without the need to get involved with any professional assistance.

In about a week, we have received those beautiful photos from Holy and Chip that demonstrate how Dam Easy flood barriers secure their property from the threat of flood damage.

flood barrier for garage.jpgIndeed, we hope that our dear customers will never have to experience the full extent of flooding potential in their areas and evaluate our flood barriers’ protective capacity. However, we are always happy to know that one more household is securely protected from the threat and consequences of flooding.


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Flood Barrier Door Dam - Ultimate Flood Gate

Flood Barrier Door Dam - Ultimate Flood Gate


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