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How to flood-proof your business this season

How to flood-proof your business this season

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Being a business owner is an exciting opportunity. However, it is naturally connected with numerous risks. Losing all your assets to flood is among them. many business owners tend to neglect commercial flood-proof.  You might be surprised how many businesses get bankrupted every year due to floods; how many of them could have prevented the failure if only they took flood-proof seriously.

Climate change and rising temperatures constantly change the map of floods worldwide. Therefore, even if your business is not located in a typically flood-prone area, it does not guarantee your safety, especially during the spring flood season.

In this article, we shall provide the essential flood-proof tips that will help you protect your business and get ahead of numerous less zealous competitors.  

Flood-proofing business continuity plan

This plan is a description of actions that your business will take in case of flooding. It is a recovery strategy after the disaster.

No matter what kind of business you have, the continuity plan should consider:

  • Critical components and assets that should be preserved particularly;
  • The risk of floods in the area;
  • Steps you can take to prevent or minimize the damage;
  • Backup storage and operate area, where you can continue working if the current location gets destroyed by flooding.

Having those matters thought through, you already get peace of mind and a chance to keep the light up even in the worst-case scenario.

Flood Insurance

Flood coverage is not mandatory in most regions. However, as we have already mentioned, the climate is changing, and even a small creek nearby can become a serious flood risk for your business.

Flood insurance is a financial flood-proof matter that saves numerous businesses worldwide, helping them get back on track even after an unexpected disaster.

Spring Clean

Inspect the location thoroughly. Check all the gutters, walls, windows, and doors in your shop or office building. Ensure there are no cracks or leaks that will instantly let water in during the flood, and the gutters and drains are not blocked with dirt and debris.

Consider the risks

Even before you open a business, it is helpful to study the flood risks and statistics in the area. Whether your shop or office is located in a flood-prone region, or the upcoming flooding season will be the first in local history, consider all the possible risks of such an event for your business and employees.

You may want to rethink the interior and design of the place, remove the glass and small objects that can become damaging agents in case of flooding. If possible, examine the landscape around the business location, consider elevating the building, or add more drainage options.

Install Flood Barriers

Flood Barriers are the most effective way to flood-proof your business or household. Designed and manufactured precisely according to your measurements, Dam Easy Flood Barriers are easy to install and take off and provide the exact level of protection from water that will help you re-open your business and continue working normally right after the water recedes.

We provide our flood-proof solutions according to the measurements and data of each customer. Therefore we guarantee that your flood barrier will protect your business perfectly, minimizing the losses from the disaster and putting you way ahead of your competitors in the area.

While your competitors will clean up their shops and count losses, you will be back in the game right after the disaster. Dam Easy Flood Barriers are a wise investment into the success and prosperity of your enterprise.

Contact us today and learn about our Flood Barriers and other innovative plod-proof solutions designed precisely to protect your business or property.

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Flood Barrier Door Dam -Ultimate Flood Gate


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