Sandbags, Dams and Barriers - which flood guards to choose?

Sandbags, Dams and Barriers - which flood guards to choose?

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Floods are happening worldwide today. What used to be a problem of the coastline inhabitants and people who live next to rivers, lakes, and other big water bodies is now a serious threat to millions of houses and businesses located in any part of the world or landscape. No wonder efficient flood guards are becoming an essential gear for any home or commercial building.

But which one will fit you best? Today the market of flood guards varies significantly from good old sandbags to innovative flood barriers. At the same time, the reviews about them are also very different. It seems like the gear that fits your neighbor's house perfectly may show itself useless in your house.

In this article, we shall go over the most popular and requested flood guards to see the difference between them, their benefits, and things you may want to consider before investing in flood protection for your home or business.


Although there are many modern solutions, sandbags hold their position among the most popular flood guards worldwide.

First of all, it is an ultimately time-tested method that has proven its efficiency in different parts of the world and kinds of floods. It is also a relatively cheap flood control method since sand and burlap bags are available worldwide and don't require any complicated manufacture. After all, sandbagging seems to be the most eco-friendly solution as this flood guard does not usually involve any plastics or toxic material.

However, another side of the sandbagging coin makes more and more people search for alternatives. First of all, even the most professionally-made sandbagging dike would leak water, making it the least efficient anti-flooding solution than any modern flood barrier of the water bag. To enforce your sandbagging dam, you can use plastic sheets, but then it loses its eco-friendly image.

Moreover, it takes some significant energy, time, and workforce to build a sandbagging dike that withstands a 3-foot flood. In other words, sandbagging can come up more expensive than you imagine and still fail to protect your house or business from water damage.

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Inflatable water dams and flood bags

This pretty innovative flood control solution is easy to install and can be used multiple times, distinguishing them favorably from sandbags.

The material inside the product inflates and swallows when it comes to water. Absorbing up to 20 liters of floodwater, these flood guards are pretty efficient for urban floods to protect living and commercial buildings.

However, it is essential to remember that these flood guards can not contact salty water. Salt destroys the material and prevents the chemical reaction, making these inflatable water dams useless for those who live in coastal areas.

Flood doors

a flood door will turn your house into a water-proof bunker that will easily withstand the most severe flooding. There are lots of models and variations of flood doors, and everyone can find the one that fits them perfectly.

Protecting your property from floods with flood doors is literally as easy as just closing your door. However, once you choose this type of flood guard, it means that you are ready to compromise and sacrifice some of your property to disaster while enjoying the safety of a particular area in the house.

To protect your garage, basement, each door in the house, you may have to order several custom-made flood doors, which will make it the most expensive possible flood control method possible.

And although such a flood door will definitely become a smart investment into your property, it will take a lot of time and several pretty severe floods for this investment to pay off entirely.

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Flood barriers.

Generally, barriers are the flood guards that combine the best features of all the flood control devices we have discussed above. They are easy to install, multiuse and their efficiency has been proven by numerous independent tests and reviews from customers worldwide.

The only pitfall of flood barriers might be their cost compared to sandbagging and inflatable flood guards. However, it is exactly the type of investment that pays off entirely after the very first flooding. After that, you can use your flood barriers for many years or leave them at the place most vulnerable to flooding for the whole year-round. 

Unlike many other flood guards, flood barriers work equally well with fresh and salty water, which makes them the most versatile flood guard on the modern market. A special inflatable frame allows you to fit your flood barriers to any door or passage. And a special extension pole will let you connect two or more flood barriers and create perfect protection for a garage gate or an independent dam around any object that needs protection from floods.

Contact Dam Easy today and learn about our flood barriers and other modern flood guards and anti-flooding protections that have already helped hundreds of households and businesses around the world avoid water damage and other devastating consequences of floods. We shall be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the flood guards that will work best for your house or business.

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Flood Barrier Door Dam - Ultimate Flood Gate


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