many thousands of homes protected, call us today!
many thousands of homes protected, call us today!

Flooding Gates For Homes

Flooding Gates For Homes

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Flooding Gates

Youghal, Co Cork


Living right beside the seaside in Ireland’s southern part, Mr. and Mrs. Gannon are no strangers to flooding hazard. Indeed, several times per year, the tide raises high enough to flood Youghal’s seaside area where they live. Therefore, with their 40 years of experience living in the area, they may righteously be called professional flood fighters.

However, none of the flood-proofing solutions they have tried until now seemed to fit their needs properly. Most of antiflooding equipment they have been attempting before required application of silicone and waiting until it set. Pretty time-consuming and messy, those solutions are hardly ever efficient once you live in a coastal area with a high risk of flooding. The water usually raises very fast and unpredictably in those regions, so hardly citizens have time to secure their properties thoroughly with such flood gates.

Eventually, they decided to search for innovative flood gate solutions and contacted Dam Easy Flood Barriers.

We are very grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Gannon that they have found time to reach out to us and describe their experience with Dam Easy Flood Barriers. Please, see the video below to hear the story from Mrs. Gannon herself.

flooding gates to protect homes

Instant and effortless solution

Dam Easy Flood barriers went through an ultimate test in the Gannon’s house. The flooding started unexpectedly that morning and gained momentum dramatically. According to Mrs. Gannon’s report, everything seemed to be pretty average at 6 AM, but at 8 AM already the water from rose tide was 11 inch at their door.

However, Mr. and Mrs. Gannon were able to protect their property on such short notice and didn’t need any professional assistance or special skills to do so. Moreover, they describe their experience of using Dam Easy flood barriers as effortless and most efficient. One of the most things the Gannons appreciate about our flooding gates is that one can easily remove those constructions from the door when the flooding threat passes. Unlike messy and low-efficient sandbags or hi-maintenance flood-doors, our flooding gates are easy to install and remove, and don’t prevent access to your house between floods.

We are very grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Gannon for their kind words and hope that Dam Easy Flood Barriers will continue protecting their home and belongings from flooding for many years.

Contact us today!

If you also live in a coastal area with a significantly high flooding hazard, don’t waste your time taking chances with outdated and inefficient antiflooding solutions. Contact Dam Easy Flood Barriers today and secure the safe and prosperous future of your family.

No matter how complicated and unique your property might be, our qualified experts will carefully examine all the measurements and suggest the most efficient antiflooding solution for your home or business. Our flood gates are easy to install and remove. You can protect your property on short notice and then take those barriers off your doors and continue living like you didn’t even have to face the rage of a natural disaster several hours ago!

No need to clean up, calculate losses, or spend money on installing and disassembling your antiflooding solution. Dam Easy Flood Barriers come to your house within three days after the purchase and contain a comprehensive instruction that will allow you to install, adjust and manage your flooding gates effortlessly.

Full up the contact form, and one of our qualified flood-proofing experts will contact you shortly to provide you with a tailored flood-protecting solution! Contact us today to secure your tomorrow!

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