Flood safety tips for pet owners

Flood safety tips for pet owners

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In our blog, we have discussed several times how to make sure that you and your family members, especially children, stay safe during and after a flood. The time has come to talk about flood safety tips for our pets.

Flood safety tips

According to the latest statistics, 33% of British households have at least one dog, 27% of UK residents are cat owners, and 2% have various other pets like rodents, birds, reptiles, etc.

The situation is similar in the United States, where over 85 million families own at least one pet today.

Gandhi once said that the civility level of any community is measured by how people treat their animals. And according to the constantly growing numbers of pet owners and organizations that help animals find loving families, we are on a good path.

However, disasters happen, and they always affect those who cannot protect themselves and rely on others. That is why considering the constantly growing numbers of floods worldwide, you must know some fundamental flood safety tips that will help you protect your furry friends from the disaster and ensure their safety.

After all, for most of us, pets are family. Flood safety tips for pets are not much different from those for any other member of your children and other relatives.

The flood safety tips in this article will be divided into three categories:

  • Before the flood;
  • During flooding;
  • After the disaster.

Before the flood

Sufficient preparation for the disaster can take its course and consequences much easier for you and your whole family, including your pets.

Here are some essential steps to take when the flood is approaching.

Make sure that your pet has appropriate identification.

When the disaster strikes, there is a huge risk that you and naturally your pets may start panicking. Animals often instinctively try to run away from the danger catching for a safer place. Unfortunately, it can lead to the fact that you lose your pet. Local emergency services always help pet owners find their furry friends after a disaster and return them home.

Once your pet has a microchip, a nametag, or any ID with your contacts, the process will be much faster and easier.

Store pets` supplies in a safe place

Just like us, our pets need food and sometimes certain medicine. While all flood safety tips imply that you collect and store the essentials in a safe place, make sure that you don`t forget about your pet`s supplies.

Flood safety tips

Find an escape route in advance.

It is always essential to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and think about an escape route you and your pet can safely get out of a flooded house. 

Make sure that your escape plan is accessible and safe for all family members, including all pets. Try to work with neighbors and find a way to pass the most vulnerable family members to a safer place together.

It is always better to plan such things ahead instead of making the crucial decision in the rich and under the pressure of disaster and panic.

Learning about the location of such places and their policies is an essential flood safety tip. Some of them may not be ready to accept animals. Therefore you should learn about policies and accommodations in advance to know where your pet can find safety together with you.

During the flood

Your behavior during the flood determines whether the whole family will damage to go through the disaster safely. Here are essential flood safety tips for pets.

Bring all animals inside the house.

As we have already mentioned, animals instinctively try to run away from danger. It means that if your dog is used to living outside, there is a big chance that it will flee rather than get inside the house. This solution may look like a trap to an animal.

That is why if you don`t want to lose your outdoor pet in flood, you must take it into the house and make sure it cannot escape before the water comes.

And of course, in case the flood appears really destructive and dangerous, this measure will guarantee your pet`s safety.

Check pet carriers and keep them reachable.

Suppose you will have to evacuate. It is always better to place your pet in a special carrier to prevent injuries on the way.

If you haven`t traveled with your pet for a while and are not sure about the condition of a pet carrier, make sure to check and prepare it thoroughly as soon as the flooding starts to guarantee safe evacuation.

Prepare plastic bags and trash cans for sanitary purposes.

Suppose you will be trapped in your house for the whole day or even longer. Your pet won`t have a chance to go outside. Unfortunately, in this case, you will have to lower your housebreaking standards as a whole.

However, it is not a reason to compromise on sanitary safety for the whole family.

Preparing "poopy bags" is one of the flood safety tips pet owners tend to forget, but it is one of the most important.

Flood safety tips

Arrange a comfortable place for the pet

Just like us, animals get stressed with the disaster and danger. Moreover, our pets learn to read and project our state of mind and react accordingly. 

In other words, if you are scared and nervous, so will be your dog, cat, or even a hamster. 

To avoid stress and frustration, make sure to arrange a safe, dry and comfortable place where your pet can rest and get some peace of mind. Put their favorite toys and pillows or even sit together with them to demonstrate your full support and care.

Separate animals

If you have several animals, try to separate them during the flooding, even if they are used to living under the same roof.

Stress and anxiety that will inevitably arise during the flood, alongside animals` natural territorial instincts, may lead to conflicts and even fights.

Separating animals is one of the essential flood safety tips for pet owners.

Pet-proof the flood safety area

There is a big chance that you may hide from flooding in a place where your pets usually don`t access. Those may be bedrooms, attacks, etc. Ensure to remove all chemicals, toxic and potentially dangerous substances from there to prevent your pet from poisoning.

After the flood

Once the water retreats, make sure to search the house and clear all potentially dangerous contaminations, debris, and other flood consequences before you release your pet.

flood safety tips after flood

In case an animal gone missing, report it to the emergency services immediately.

Take your pet to the vet as soon as possible, even if the animal does not have any visible physical damage or injuries.

It is always heartbreaking to lose your pet to a disaster like flooding. To prevent it, you should make sure that your house is a safe and secure water-proof shelter.

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Contact Dam Easy today and learn about our innovative solutions that will help you protect and secure your house, making it a safe and dry shelter for your whole family. 

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