many thousands of homes protected, call us today!
many thousands of homes protected, call us today!

Flood Gates - The Simple Way To Stop Water Entering Your Home

Flood Gates - The Simple Way To Stop Water Entering Your Home

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Flood Gates - The first line of defense 

Huston, Texas


Louis, a Texas resident, had addressed us just before powerful tropical storms Marco and Laura posed a double threat to the state. He needed to protect his property, which had several original doors that required tailored flood-proofing solutions.

  • Back door - 32 inches
  • Laundry door - 34 inches
  • French doors, opening outside – 76 inches each
  • Front door – 42 inches
  • Veneer door – 33 inches
  • Garage

He decided to address us, as he understood that traditional ant flood solutions might not fit his property peculiarities and appear inefficient in the face of a massive tropical storm.


Tailored Flood Gate solutions for every property


Our experts have carefully examined all the data Louis has provided. We came up with a precise recommendation of flood gate equipment that would be most efficient for his property and the flooding threat it is about to face.

To protect Lou’s house, we have suggested:

  • Nine Flood Gates
  • 3 extension poles

Those Flood Gates and equipment were precisely all Lou would have needed to secure his house and belongings from water.

07ee671b-8473-468e-aa45-11c7eb2abc8d.jpgHere at Dam Easy Flood Barriers, we understand that timing is everything you are preparing to face an ultimate natural disaster. That is why we concentrate all our effort on arranging the lot and delivering your order as soon as possible. For example, Lou has received his set of flood barrier equipment in just three days after the purchase through UPS delivery service.


Installation of our Flood Gates


Along with the flood-proofing equipment, we also provide our customers comprehensive instructions and detailed videos that thoroughly describe the process. You can install all the equipment yourself or hire a local handyman to help you with the process. However, Dam Easy Flood Gate solutions don’t make you dependant on particular experts. They allow you to decide whether you need assistance to install the flood barriers at your property correctly.


Our Flood Gates extend from 780mm to 1100mm. As long as Lou had three entrances significantly wider than 1100mm, he installed 

extension poles that allowed him to connect two flood gates and protect those doors securely. Those extension poles are easy to install and remove. To establish a Dam Easy Flood Gate extension pole, one should core a whole 55mm deep and 160mm deep into the ground and place a metal rode into this whole. The rod will act as an anchor for the extension pole and will come flush with the ground.


Later on in his comment, Lou admitted that he was amazed by the simplicity of Dam Easy Flood Barriers’ installation and efficiency.


Our Flood Gates in action



7274cbf0-46d3-43ca-a0e6-406826cb04f5.jpgAlthough storm Marko appeared to be surprisingly mild in the Huston area, Laura came with a vengeance as a full-size category VI hurricane. At midnight August 27, 2020, Laura’s northern eye wall began moving onshore with 150 mph sustained winds and gusts up to 185 mph.

It has weakened around noon. However, it continued its travel over the land, bringing heavy rainfall. However, Lou and his family could follow that news without fear and enjoyed their peace of mind. They knew that their house and belongings are perfectly secured from the water with Dam Easy Flood Barrier equipment. The barriers did their job, and Lou’s family didn’t suffer from the flooding at all.


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Just fill-up the contact form. Our qualified expert will contact you shortly and provide all the necessary information and a quote on your anti-flooding solution.


Flood Barrier Door Dam -Ultimate Flood Gate

Flood Barrier Door Dam -Ultimate Flood Gate


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