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Flood Barrier VS Flood Door? What best suits your Flood Protection needs?

Flood Barrier VS Flood Door? What best suits your Flood Protection needs?

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Flood barrier for garage

Flood Barrier VS Flood Doors and other solutions.

Floods are rightfully called the most destructive natural disasters. Not only because they take thousands of lives every year and cause vast property damage. Unlike most other disasters, floods always have long term consequences: from unsanitary conditions and diseases caused by humidity and molding to soil erosion and damage to agriculture.

And although governments make numerous efforts, it is impossible to control floods and other natural disasters. However, today you can take measures to protect your property using flood barriers and other water defense solutions. After a brief search on the Internet, you will find lots of different residential flood barrier solutions, from sandbags to various flood doors.

However, flood barriers seem to be the most popular water-retaining solutions among professionals and private homeowners. Let`s revise the benefits of flood barriers, and try to understand whether they are the best solution for your home.


What is a Flood Barrier?

The very nature of residential flood barriers reveals their main advantage over other water-retaining solutions. Unlike massive and costly flood doors or messy sandbags, a flood barrier is a removable, easy-to-install structure.

Made out of light sustainable materials, flood barriers can be adjusted precisely according to the measurements of your property and the specifics of floods in your area.


Benefits of a Flood-Barrier

The choice of flood defense solution is entirely up to you and depends on the specifics of your property, landscape and estimated the severity of the upcoming flood. However, flood barriers have certain benefits, which make them the most versatile water-retaining product in the modern market.


Damage Resistance

While making a decision, most people chose between flood barriers and flood doors. The main benefit of flood barriers is that unlike flood doors, they are removable. It means that your anti-flood solution does not get exposed to other damaging factors throughout the year. Extreme temperatures, UV light, humidity, and mechanic wear-off – all those are factors that reduce the effectiveness of your flood protection.

Flood Barrier Front DoorA flood barrier is quick and easy to install once you receive a flood warning. Properly stored, throughout the year, it doesn`t lose its protective properties. Once the threat has passed, you remove your flood barrier yourself without the need to address for professional assistance.


Comprehensive Protection

While using sandbags or even flood doors to protect your property, it is impossible to seal the area entirely. There will always be some small holes and hinges drawing water into your hose. Maybe it will not cause any major damage right away, but in a long perspective, this water may accumulate under the floor tiles leading to molding and wood rotting.

Flood barriers are the only protective means that have no holes or hinges in them, perfectly protecting your property from any level of soaking.



Once a flood door gets damaged, you will have to change it entirely. It does not mean that you will have to buy a new door only but also pay for its delivery and professional installation. Hardly Flood Door maintenance is a DIY project. It means that you will always depend on the manufacturer's customer service or will have to pay a contractor to help you replace, install and maintain it properly.

Unlike other massive constructions, flood barriers don`t require total replacement once damaged. Once a crack or hole appears, you may easily seal it within one day. Fast and easy, this procedure is also much cheaper than the maintenance of any other flood defense system.



0c32039e-9736-40ba-9f0a-40307bd3e4c0.jpgAny flood defense remedy should be perfectly adjusted to the measurements of your property. Flood barriers are the most flexible and versatile solutions when it comes to adjustment.

Flood doors are only a solution for the entrance of your house. Flood barriers may be used at any niche and passage which may draw water on your property. You can install them all over your porch, passages, arches to protect as much of your property from flooding as possible.


Simplicity of genius

Simplicity might be the main advantage of flood barriers over other anti-flooding solutions. Unlike flood doors, flood barriers have almost no moving parts. It means that there is simply nothing to break in this construction. Even if your flood door looks good as new, you may be sure that there will appear small damages and ware-off in the area of moving parts after some time.

Looking harmless those hinges become a welcoming open gate for water, which is well-known for its talent to find the weakest point in any construction.

You may say that there is nothing simpler than a sandbag to protect your property from flooding. Unfortunately, even if the sandbag dam will manage to prevent water from entering your property, the long, messy, and exhausting process of disassembling your damp after the flood can hardly be called simple and low-maintenance. On the contrary, you move your water barrier away in a matter of a few minutes once the threat has passed and store it compactly in your garage or storage unit.


Those are the main reasons why professionals recommend flood barriers as the most efficient solution for those who live in areas with high flooding risks. 

Those are also the reasons why statistically claimed material damage is significantly lower among homeowners who chose flood barriers. Used at home or to protect businesses from flooding, flood barriers have already saved numerous people from contingencies and long-term consequences of flooding.


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