Facts about floods that will help you protect your house

Facts about floods that will help you protect your house

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Floods are the most frequent natural disaster worldwide and the one that causes the most damage to homeowners and the real estate market worldwide. Today experts claim that the ongoing flood season in Australia will probably become the most expensive one in a decade for homeowners mainly. Some particular facts about floods and new evidence demonstrate that today`s flooding is a much more unpredictable event that can affect your life and well-being in several different ways.

And while the whole world is watching in hopeless horror how Australian homeowners are being evacuated from the rooftops of their houses, flood safety experts and meteorologists claim that floods and their consequences can easily be taken under control if more people learn some fundamental facts about floods and start applying their knowledge in practice.

So, let`s talk about those must-know trends that are equally true for Australian floods as well as flooding that happen in Europe, the Americas or anywhere in the world.

facts about floods

Here is why floods happen.

Before learning how to protect against flooding in your house or business, it is essential to read the warning signs and learn to predict the disaster before it becomes a real and present threat to your well-being.

In fact, there are three main reasons why floods occur:

  • Saturated soil - the ground under your feet is like a sponge that can absorb and hold water and plays a crucial role in its proper cycling in the atmosphere. However, under certain circumstances, the soil may get saturated, aka too porous to hold the water anymore. It can happen due to aggressive farming, improper construction development in the area as well as natural disasters that affect the soil. For example, last October, Australia faced unprecedented rainfall, which played a great role in soil saturation, which eventually led to massive flooding in certain areas;
  • Too much rain - pretty obvious but often overlooked fact about floods is that floods mainly happen due to particularly heavy rainfall;
  • Drought - last but not least reason for extreme flooding is drought. We all remember how a couple of years ago, Australia suffered from a tremendous drought and forest fires. Under certain circumstances, overdrying makes the soil hydrophobic, aka water resistant. You may have noticed this effect when you tried to water an overdried plant, but the water just slipped out of the pot instead of getting soaked in.

floods in australia

Areas most affected by flooding.

The next batch in our facts about floods is the areas where floods are most likely to happen. Many people believe that only those who live in the coastal areas, near rivers, lakes and other water bodies, are vulnerable to floods and, therefore, should worry about flood control like flood barriers for doors, flood gates, etc. 

However, you may be surprised when you learn which areas are much more flood-prone than any river bank:

  • Lack of plants and vegetation - plants help to prevent floods in two ways. First of all, they naturally absorb water which is essential for their growth. Moreover, their root systems keep the soil intact and prevent the situation. If you live in an area where plants have been eliminated due to natural or man-made causes, we have some bad news for you;
  • Cities and suburbia - if you have always imagined that floods mainly happen in the rural farm areas of Australia and New Zealand, you are wrong again. The most destructive and dangerous floods actually strike in the heavily paved cities and suburban areas - the places where too few soil patches remain open to absorb extra water after waterfalls, snowmelt, etc.
  • The landscape - you can live on a river bank, but if your house is located on a hill, you are much less likely to be affected by flooding. Make sure to check with your local authorities whether you live in a floodplain area and follow the recommendations according to the present level of threat;

These are the facts about floods that will help you see the bigger picture and be prepared for flooding even if you live in an area that does not seem like too vulnerable to the disaster. Once there was drought or wildfire, your life in a farming region or vice versa in areas that have been actively developed in the past few years, you notice that the rainfall is somewhat different from what it was before or the snow is lying for a bit too long, make sure to start preparing for a flood season before it affects you and your property.

Get your flood barriers kit, and install flood gates at waterfront areas or even windows if you are expecting a hurricane or stormy winds in your area. Use an extension pole to connect several flood barriers for doors and protect a garage gate or even build a dike around a swimming pool, an outdoor tool shed, etc.

All those precautions will help you stay safe and prevent your household from destruction and tremendous losses when the disaster actually strikes.

Do you want to learn more about flood safety and ways to protect and minimize losses? Join us on your favourite social media and contact Dam Easy today!

Our experts will gladly answer all your questions and help you pick up the most suitable modern flood control solutions that will work best for your type of property and against the type of flooding most probable in your region.

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