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many thousands of homes protected, call us today!

Do flood gates really work? PROS and CONS of flood gates.

Do flood gates really work? PROS and CONS of flood gates.

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Flood gates, also known as flood barriers, have recently become the most popular anti-flooding solution. With global warming and climate change, floods are happening more and more often worldwide, making people look for more efficient and modern protection measures than the good old sandbags.

With flood barriers homeowners kill several birds with one stone:

  • they prevent water from getting into the property;
  • they protect property from water damage and devaluation;
  • they significantly reduce the amount of time and effort you might have to spend cleaning up after the water retreats.

Another significant advantage is that unlike sandbags or flood dorrs, the gates are removable; they are easy to install and remove. It means that they won`t become a permanent part of your landscape, you can install them in a matter of several minutes as soon as you get the flood warning, and, what is most important, you don`t have to search and pay for any additional assistance to protect your property.

However, some might say that it might be too good to be true. Indeed, nobody is perfect, and there simply have to be at least some pitfalls even in such a popular device as flood barriers.

In this article, we decided to go over the main pros and cons of getting flood gates for your property, so you could decide whether this solution is what you are looking for or there is a point in searching the market for something else.

The PROS of flood gates

Flood gates became so popular because they appear to be the most efficient way to protect your property or business quickly, even if you have only several minutes before the disaster strikes your area.

Here are the main PROS of flood gates:

  • Flood gates are designed and manufactured according to your property`s measurements. At the same time, the adjusting mechanism allows you to seal every tiny crack preventing the floodwater from getting into your house or business;
  • Flood gates are 720 mm high, which is tall enough to protect your property from massive flooding;
  • You can install and take off your flood gates in a matter of several minutes. They won`t destroy your property`s exterior;
  • You can install flood gates in your doorway, basement, and garage gates or even at the dock of waterfront property. Flood gates are an ultimately versatile solution;
  • The overall construction of flood gates is pretty straightforward. It men's that there is no place for failure, hardly any of its part can break or get damaged compromising the gates` efficiency;
  • Once you don`t need them at the moment, you can easily fold your flood gates and store them in the garage or even behind the door until the next flood warning;
  • Numerous positive reviews from all over the world prove flood gates` efficiency and credibility.

The CONS of flood gates

Even the Sun has spots, and such a popular solution as flood gates might have some tangible pitfalls. Let`s go over them:

  • You still need to install them. If flood doors are a permanent solution that you install once and forever, flood gates are a kind of protection that still needs to be installed and removed before and after each flooding. However, the effort is comparable to the one you would need with classic sandbags;
  • You need to store them someplace available. As soon as you remove your floodgates after the water retreats, you have to make sure that you store them at a place that will be easily accessible in case the disaster strikes again;
  • You need to follow the instructions. Although it is pretty easy to install your flood gates, you still have to follow the instructions precisely. Failing to seal your passages properly will make this solution inefficient;
  • Flood gates will definitely come up more expensive than sandbags, but you won`t need anybody`s assistance installing them and clearing the area afterward. Also, according to the insurance companys` data, those solutions pay off with a profit after just one flooding if you consider the alleged damage.

Numerous house and business owners worldwide have already acknowledged the efficiency, safety, and comfort of using flood gates. If you are looking for a modern, straightforward yet efficient solution or still have any questions, contact us right now and learn more about Dam Easy flood gates and other modern anti-flooding solutions we have for your house or business today!

Flood Barrier Door Dam -Ultimate Flood Gate

Flood Barrier Door Dam -Ultimate Flood Gate


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