So, you bough a house with water damage. Now what?

So, you bough a house with water damage. Now what?

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As soon as you get on the real estate market, it becomes pretty apparent that there is not such a thing as an ideal house. There will definitely be some flows and pitfalls in every piece of property that you see. Putting aside Hollywood cliches such as hunting and bloody massacre that may or may not have happened in the basement, a certain level of damage is inevitable for most houses. For example, at least a 95% that you will buy a home with water damage.

With floods happening more and more often being the most common natural disasters worldwide, water damage is almost inevitable for any homeowner. And while buying a house with water damage may seem like a hazardous investment, once the effect of floodwater does not make the building obviously dangerous to live in, water damage is not "the end of the world."

In this article, we shall talk about the essential things you need to know once you buy a house with water damage and avoid long-term consequences of floods and leaks that can affect your future life in the new home.

house with water damage

Things you need to know about the house with water damage.

It is essential to see the whole picture to estimate your risks and fully understand how to repair and maintain your new house with water damage.

In other words, you have to learn how serious and severe the damage is and how much time, money, and effort you will have to spend making the house livable. In some cases, it will be a pretty simple DIY project. But most of the time, you really need some professional assistance and expertise to avoid severe consequences of water damage in your new property:

  • Learn where the water damage came from. Your house may be located in a flood-prone area, have leaky pipes or an underground stream that affects the property all the time;
  • For how long has the property been exposed to water and how much damage has been done until now>
  • Have the previous owners taken any actions against the water hazard, or did they repair the damage?
  • Who did restorations or established anti-flooding solutions in the house?
  • When did the last flood or leak cause the current water damage to happen?

You can ask all those questions to the previous owner or the representative of the real estate agency that arranged the sale. They are legally obliged to be honest with you. 

However, it is always a good idea to bring an independent expert to your new house with water damage so they can provide an estimate of the future maintenance the property may need and whether the threat of water damage is likely to become permanent in the future.

house with water damage

How to live in a house with water damage?

Technically, there is a straightforward answer to this question: you should not live in a house with water damage. It is dangerous, uncomfortable and may affect your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life.

Here are only some problems that will occur in a house with water damage:

  • Damage to the structure of the house - corrosion caused by water can make the building unstable and unsafe to live in;
  • Mould - there are thousands of different types of mold in the world, and humidity is the most common reason for its appearance and development. Not only pretty ugly, but mold can also be hazardous for your health. Not to mention that it will grow and destroy not only the house with water damage itself but also your furniture, appliance, and other belongings;
  • Insect infestation - dump atmosphere is always an excellent incubator for different sorts of insects and other parasites that can become an integral part of your life. The worst part about them is that they can destroy the building itself and affect your health at the same time.

You will want to fix the water damage in your house as soon as possible. However, if it was not caused by a one-time event but appears a result of regular flooding, you must take all the necessary measures to protect your new home from further damage.

  • Inspect the building regularly. In case the water damage happened due to leaky pipes or seasonal flooding, water can return, and the problem will occur again;
  • Fix all new leaks and cracks as soon as possible. The prior water damage has probably happened because the previous owners neglected the alarming signs until the water went too far;
  • Take action. Make sure to find a solution that will prevent further flooding or leakage.

Floods happen even in areas that are not located next to any significant water bodies. Climate change and global warming combined with human impact on nature and urbanization lead to a house located in London getting flooded just like some coastal settlement.

Modern anti-flooding solutions allow you to protect your house or business from a flood easily. For example, flood barriers can be deployed in a matter of several minutes, don't require any special skills or professional assistance, and can be used multiple times, which makes them a wise investment into your property's value.

house with water damage

Contact Dam Easy today and learn about our flood barriers and other anti-flooding solutions that will help you prevent further flood damage to your house, preserve its value and turn it into a safe place for you and your family.

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