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Basement flood repair. 5 things you should do immediately

Basement flood repair. 5 things you should do immediately

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Did you suffer from flooding recently? Basement floods might be one of the most devastating outcomes of the disaster. People tend to store lots of things in their basements such as furniture, winter or summer wardrobe, emergency or extra food, etc. Once a flood-hit your area and you didn`t manage to protect your basement on time, big chances all those things got soaked and ruined.

And while basement flooding can be pretty overwhelming, it is one of the unfortunate events that require your immediate attention and repair. Not only might the water have damaged your food stocks and other belongings, but the water soaking into basement walls can lead to the development of fungus and mold, cause cracks in the foundation and seriously alter the safety and value of your property.

In this article, we shall talk about 5 steps you should take immediately after the basement flood to minimize its circumstances.

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Remove the Water

Sounds pretty logical on the one hand, but you might be surprised how often house owners delay water removal trying to save their belongings, which is almost always appears to be inefficient.

The longer the water stays in your basement, the harder will be the consequences:

  • It will destroy building`s foundation;
  • It will provoke the growth of mold and fungus deep into the house's construction;
  • It will become an incubator for mosquitos and germs.

If the water level is up to several inches, you may want to use a wet vac. Once the damage is minor, a mop with microfiber towels may be enough. Anyway, the sooner you get rid of the standing water, the better. 

Dry out the basement

Unfortunately, basement flood does not stop when you remove the visible water. The floodwater will instantly soak into the basement walls and floor. A humid basement is still a fruitful soil for fungus and mold. Open all the available doors and windows in the basement to provide maximum ventilation, get rid of all things that might have gotten wet. You may also use dehumidifiers and fans for a better effect.

Clean the floor

Flood water brings is often contaminated with sewers, bacteria, garbage, etc. All those are potentially dangerous, especially in such a close environment as a basement.

Make sure to clean the floor thoroughly after you get rid of the standing water. Use special antibacterial floor solutions or the good old chlorine to kill the bacteria and pathogens. Don`t forget to wear gloves and closed shoes while you are dealing with a dirty basement.

Clear the gutters and drains

Go over all the gutters and drains in your basement. Remove all leaves, garbage, and dirt from them. You may need a plumber`s help and his equipment to clear the severe blockage in some cases. Make sure to check gutters and downspouts around your building also as they are part of the system.

Save the valuables

People often tend to store documents, passports, and even cash in their basements. A basement flood may easily destroy them, and being busy with the repair, you may simply forget about them, and the damage would become irreversible. 

The best solution, in this case, is to put all the paperwork in the freezer until the moment when you will be able to address it and dry it out properly. The freeze will stop the process of mold development and destruction, giving you some extra time to concentrate on the basement flood fix.

Tips to avoid the damage.

Here are several practical and easy tips that can help you minimize or even avoid the damage from a basement flood:

  • Check the gutters and drainage regularly, especially before the flooding season;
  • Don`t store important paperwork in the basement;
  • Use plastic containers for the basement storage instead of cardboard boxes;
  • Get flood gates or temporary flood barriers for your basement to prevent water from coming in.

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