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5 tips to prevent summer flooding damage.

5 tips to prevent summer flooding damage.

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Summer is the time to leave the routine behind, grab your friends and family and spend some quality time together on a well-deserved vacation. However, except for fun, joy, and relaxation, Summer is also a time for thunderstorms, unpredictable rainfall, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Those events are unpredictable and often result in flashy summer flooding that can seriously damage your house while you are away on vacation.

summer flooding damage to your home

In this article, we shall describe how to floodproof your house while you are on vacation and ensure that you return to a safe, undamaged home even if disaster strikes unexpectedly.


Summer Flooding Checklist.

Summer floodings are pretty unpredictable. Especially if you live away from big water bodies or were no flooding occurred during past years at all. However, global warming makes the weather change, and today, even a seemingly harmless creek or lake can turn into a raging water disaster after just one heavy rainfall.

While leaving your house for vacation, you will definitely take some precautions: close the doors and windows, ask neighbors to pick your mail or water your plants, checking on the house once in a while. But hardly anyone thinks about protecting their properties from massive disasters like summer floodings while leaving for a vacation.

However, some pretty simple measures can help you significantly minimize the danger of crucial water damage to your property even if the disaster strikes when you are away.


Clean the gutters and downspout.

Remove all the leaves, damage, and debris from the gutter and downspout. It will help rainwater flow freely away from your home. It is also a good idea to make sure that the downspouts are located at least 5 feet away from the house, and the landscape allows water to run directly to them without getting stuck in puddles. Stagnant water next to the house is not only dangerous for the building itself but becomes an ultimate incubator for mosquitoes.


Check the house for termites and other insects.

Feasting on the wooden parts of the building, their insects seriously alter the structure and durability of your house. If heavy rainfall or summer flooding strikes, the walls and floors of your house will simply soak water like a sponge. Being away on vacation, you won`t be able to take measures and dry the building out immediately after summer flooding. It will lead to more structural damage and the development of fungus and mold.


Check the building`s foundation.

Any kind of cracks, holes, or leaks in the foundation of your house will literarily invite the summer flooding water inside your property. Look for any kind of bulging, bowing, or deformities in your basement walls and fix them immediately.


Check the roof

Not every heavy rainfall leads to summer flooding. However, it can still cause serious water damage to your property once there is any kind of warped shingles, blisters, cracks, and curling on your roof. Also, make sure to close the chimney cap to prevent water from getting into the house through the fireplace.


Consider flood barriers

Hardly will anybody think about building a dam out of sandbags around the house before each vacation leave. However, once a summer flooding strikes, flood barriers are the most efficient way to protect your property from water damage.

Consider modern removable flood-barriers. They are easy to install, seal the doors of your house, garage gates, and passages, and you can easily remove and store them as soon as you get back.

summer flooding protection


Contact Dam Easy Flood Barriers today and learn about our innovative anti-flooding solutions. Our experts will assemble your personal flood barrier kit precisely according to the measurements of your property and deliver it right at your door. So next time you leave for a summer vacation, you can have peace of mind that you will return to a safe, dry and undamaged home.


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