5 tips to prevent basement flooding

5 tips to prevent basement flooding

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A flooded basement can become a serious problem. Not only will it smell terrible and almost instantly turn into a breeding farm for mosquitos, but the overall value of your property may suffer tremendously after just one flooding event. Growing mold, erosion, destroyed property – all those are inevitable consequences of basement flooding. Moreover, the basement is the hardest part of the building to dry out after the water retreats. That is why most homeowners are looking for ways to prevent basement flooding rather than deal with its outcomes.

Floods happen more and more often today due to global climate change. Becoming stronger and more frequent, today`s floods cause more damage. If you thought that cleaning glitters regularly would be a solution for basement flooding, think twice, or you may be really disappointed when the disaster strikes.

In this article, we shall provide 5 fundamental tips that will help you prevent basement flooding on your property.


Gutter extensions

Cleaning the gutters regularly is important, but it may not be enough if the flood gets serious and the gutters are located closer than 5 feet to your property. In this case, you may consider gutter extensions.

You may consider the cheap metal or plastic ones, but prepare to trip on them and run them over with the mower all the time. Underground gutter extension pipes will cost you a bit more, but they are most comfortable, efficient and can drive water much further away from your property.


Check your basement regularly.

Even the smallest crack on a basement wall can become an open gate for water in case of flooding. Fixing those cracks may take some time. Therefore it is hardly an emergency measure you can take right after you received the flood alert. To prevent basement flooding, make sure to carefully examine your basement at least once in a couple of months. Polyurethane or cement plugs won`t cost you much, but they can prevent thousands in losses.


Reshape your landscape.

In many cases, your property`s landscape itself may become a reason why your basement gets flooded all the time. Even when your gutters are clean and located far from the building, water will gladly flow and collect around the walls if the landscape welcomes it.

Consider building a berm around your property that will redirect water and lead it away from the basement. Any landscape contractor will gladly design and build one for you. A berm is also an investment into the property`s value. Not only can it prevent basement flooding, but when greenery grows into it and it becomes an integral part of a landscape, your property will look much more attractive and well-kept.


Check the footing drains.

Sometimes your basement seems to get flooded "from the bottom." In this case, the problem may lie in the pipes and drains that lie under the building. When they get clogged, hydrostatic pressure starts pushing water in all directions.

Check whether your building has footing drains or any underground pipes around or under the basement. Check the manhole or the drain in the basement. If the pipes are clogged, cleaning them with a garden hose should do the job.

Consider Flood gates

Flood gates are easy to install, don`t require any special skills or effort and protect your basement from the water thoroughly. You can order flood gates kit according to the measurements of your property, which will guarantee that the passage will get sealed thoroughly, leaving no chance for the water to get into your basement.

When the water retreats, you can remove them easily and store them in the basement until the next flood alert.


Contact Dam Easy today and learn about our flood gates and other solutions that can help you prevent basement flooding, protect your valuables and your house. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions and suggest the most efficient solutions considering the flooding risk in your area and your property`s measurements.

Taking measures to prevent basement flooding today, you minimize the disaster`s effect on the overall value of your property in the future.

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