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5 Flood Prevention Products You Should Try This Season!

5 Flood Prevention Products You Should Try This Season!

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Floods are happening more and more often worldwide. If your grandparents might have faced the disaster once or twice in their lifetime, today`s floods are becoming regular seasonal events, an annual routine for more and more households. No wonder there appeared so many new flood prevention products aimed to make out lives easier, safer, and…drier.

In this article, we shall have a brief overview of the most popular flood prevention products that you may find today evaluate their pros, cons and effectivity, so you could make an informed decision about the optimal variant for your household and business.

Ready to leave the outdated sandbags behind? Let`s go!


Flood gates

Those are PVC constructions that have already proved themselves more efficient and less time and energy-consuming than the traditional sandbag dams.

The main advantage of Flood gates might be the fact that you can install them yourself and in a matter of several minutes, which can be pretty critical in case of unexpected flash flooding. However, you may also find bigger flood gates to protect bigger territories of the whole streets once installed correctly.

Some may consider the relatively higher price of this solution as the main dealbreaker, but statistically, those investments pay off entirely after just one flooding if your estimate possible losses.


Inflatable water barriers

Another innovative flood prevention product is technically a temporary removable flood barrier. Inflatable water barriers are made out of highly durable vinyl-covered polyester and have a steady internal support structure.

They are most efficient against gradually raising water levels but have their flaws once it comes to extreme flash floods and other events that stream masses of raging water towards your house. Another possible disadvantage of inflatable water barriers is their pretty limited use areas. They are perfect for detached cottages but won`t solve the problem in urban areas that well.


Flood barrier socks

Also called "sandless sandbags," those barriers come in various sizes and look like a piece of cloth that can apparently absorb up to 4 gallons od water each.

Unlike the habitual sandbags, they are pretty easy to install and don`t require long and tiresome preparation like collecting the sand and building the dam out of heavy sandbags. However, once the water retreats, you will still have to deal with heavy bags filled with moisture. In other words, they are easy to install and pretty efficient, but disassembling will still require some effort and patience.

Also, they work with freshwater only and therefore won`t help you once you live in a coastal area.


Modular blocks

Those are Lego-like flood prevention products aimed to fight flood water with their own weight. You can build your dam out of those blocks in any configuration you want easily and without any side assistance. Then the flood water will enter the self-filling hole, and its weight combined with weighted connections will keep the blocks in position.

Simple and pretty efficient, those flood prevention products also have certain downsides. First of all, they take more place than water gates and flood barriers. Also, after the water retreats, you will have to drain it from each block before removing and storing them.


Flood protection barriers

Lightweight, reusable, and easy to install, flood protection barriers are among the most popular flood prevention products today.

Indeed, you can install and remove them in a matter of several minutes and won`t have to make any preparations before the disaster or drainage and drying after the water retreats. You just fold them flat, put into their individual bags, and store them in your basement, garage, or shed until the next gale warning. They are equally efficient against fresh and salty water and can serve as temporary flood barriers and a constant solution for waterfront houses.

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